The importance and beauty of mentoring- Mentors are for life.

I write this post as I recently completed a mentoring qualification. The course got me thinking about the mentoring I have received over the years from some very special individuals. Their impact on my life has been huge. If there is a special mentor figure/s in your life who inspires you, stick to them and take every opportunity to learn from them. If there isn’t, make a list of inspiring individuals in your life and contact them! Your growth will be far greater if you connect with individuals who are consistently achieving. Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend time with”. When I read this, I consciously looked at who I was spending time with and made adjustments accordingly.

Specialist mentors

In other areas of my life outside of music, I seek to learn and spend time with highly successful individuals because I want to know what makes them excel. It is therefore important to be surrounded by a variety of individuals not just people in your field. Over the years, I have received some fabulous mentoring and advice from Priests, photographers, business men/women, personal development coaches, investment bankers, artistic directors and chefs. The list is endless! One may ask ‘why do you need so many mentors’? Acquiring specialist knowledge is the best form of knowledge. I am currently mentoring a young person who recently asked me a question relating to science. Science was never my forte in school so instead of giving him a convoluted answer, I simply provided him with a specialist who could assist him better than I ever could.

There are some mentoring projects I am going to be involved in throughout the year. I am excited about sharing my experiences with young people. However, I am also looking forward to be learning from them as well. Anthony Robbins uses a brilliant acronym CAN I which means Constant And Neverending Improvement.

Mentors have a way of opening up new possibilities to you. This is why the term ‘Guru’ is so important to Indian classical musicians. Guru’s not only impart knowledge, but carve out paths that we as students have not even thought of. Those paths can lead to some magical places, only if we free of ego and honestly strive to better ourselves every single day.

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