About Rishii

The purpose of creating a blog is to share my music, career/professional development and thought processes on a project with you. I have been playing the tabla(Indian handdrums) since I was a child. I went to University and studied up to my masters in Law. Having had some troubled times in the legal industry of being undervalued, music was my savior.  I am dedicated to achieving artistic excellence, but to also actively contribute to the creative sector.  There is so much I have discovered about myself since starting my creative journey.

This is why I will be inviting specialist guest bloggers to share their knowledge on specific subject areas relating to the arts as a whole. I want fellow creatives whether they are start ups or established to continually push boundaries and think bigger! Specialists bloggers will range from business, PR, health and wellbeing and other fascinating topics which help to make an effective all round creative. All of these areas have played a massive role in my career development to date. It is now time to share it with you.

I am genuinely really looking forward to hearing your comments and connecting.

All the best on your journey.



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