One year at Crystal Law Solicitors


It has been one year since I entered the doors of Crystal Law Solicitors. The progress of the firm and for myself has been massive. When I joined the firm, I was very open minded and took it as an opportunity to learn and grow, not just about legal practice but the overall running of a new company.

Being part of a start-up company is extremely exciting because you are involved in many facets of the business. As well as honing my legal skills, I have contributed to the marketing, business development, building relationships and partnerships with stakeholders, getting out into the community and using social media.

I truly believe these experiences have widened my overall skill set. Getting out into the community and delivering free legal advice sessions at various libraries in Leicester has made me appreciate the importance of the law. Due to the drastic legal aid cuts, many free quality legal services have been reduced. Therefore, the pro bono work we do at Crystal Law enables us to empower the individuals we meet. Sometimes the simplest advice can really assist an individual without them having to pay extremely high fees for it.

Out of the many highlights I have experienced with CLS, the official grand opening of the firm was unbelievable. We all pulled together and hosted a successful event to our colleagues, friends, family and many well-wishers of Crystal Law. Having the City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby officially open the firm was very special for us.

The pace in which we are currently working and generating enquiries is remarkable and my role within the firm is constantly evolving. I have a great supervisor/mentor who challenges me with tasks that truly take me out of my comfort zone which has opened new possibilities within my career. I have written in previous blog posts about the importance of mentoring. I am grateful to be experiencing it in a working environment. All my colleagues are inspiring to work with.


So far this has been the year of balance. Juggling many areas in my life such as friends, family, legal career, tabla, teaching is a massive challenge. However, I am becoming better at prioritising. It sometimes means letting go of commitments I would have undertaken in the past. The decision becomes easier when you know your big goal in life. If missing a few meaningless socials brings me closer to my goals, then I am more than happy to let this part go. However, if my circle is full of inspiring, talented and individuals with strong leadership qualities, then it is a priority for me to connect with them.

What’s next

There is a wonderful flow in our office at the moment. My goal is to keep getting better at what I do and to play an active role in the continued growth of Crystal Law. Music is still making a huge impact in my life. There are projects lined up for this year which I am really looking forward to. The experiences I am gaining from Crystal Law are feeding into my artistic practice and vice versa.


Coming back into the law. The legal tabla player!


We are nearly five months into 2015 and change has definitely been the theme for this year. Coming back into the legal sector was the most unexpected event to happen to me. It was unplanned but a welcomed offer. Creatively, I am in a good place. There are new projects off the ground, YoTabla is expanding and exciting performance opportunities to look forward to. Now joining Crystal Law Solicitors is a new adventure I am looking forward to.

How did I get back into law?

Two of my good friends, Dilshad and Manik Miah that I worked with at the Leicester Community Legal Advice Centre (CLAC) a few years back, set up their own firm, Crystal Law Solicitors which is also in Leicester. They got in contact with me and were intrigued to see all the creative projects I have been involved in since I left the CLAC.  They always knew about my legal background, but not as much about my creative side because it was something I did not talk about whilst I was at the CLAC.

They offered me a position and welcomed the many ideas I had about social media, events, mentoring, networking and generating clients. I have acquired these skills and experiences over the past few years having immersed myself in the creative sector. The unpredictable nature of the sector has taught me a lot about leadership, resilience and patience.  I am now in a better position to apply these skills to Crystal Law Solicitors and make a positive impact.

All skills are transferable if applied effectively

It is wonderful for me that Crystal Law Solicitors encourages creativity and out of the box thinking. Using all sides of my brain is already bringing its rewards. Some friends have been asking if I am leaving the creative sector all together. I laugh this off and answer it as a categorical ‘no’. The creative sector and friends I have made within it over the past few years, has given me a lot of strength and drive to continue the pursuit of artistic excellence. I believe balancing this aspect with my legal career will be beneficial as time progresses.

One of the best parts working at Crystal Law is that I am on the same floor as Pedestrian Charity whom I have done a lot of work with and subsequently gained my mentoring qualification with them. I strongly believe these are all good omens.


Within a few weeks of starting, I played a role in securing a partnership with the Leicester Central Library to offer free legal advice to its service users. This was possible because the team I work with have trust in my abilities and allow me to “get on with it”.

Also, our social media presence as a new law firm is constantly increasing. It is brilliant to see the solicitors getting into twitter and instagram! The legal sector has changed and it now requires lawyers to embrace social media and use it as a tool to educate and connect with clients and potential stakeholders.

I hope this is just the beginning. I am really excited with my new role at Crystal Law and cannot wait for more challenges and learning opportunities to emerge.