YoTabla! was a concept that came to me in 2011. Being an Indian musician you can spend up to many hours sat on the floor. Playing the tabla requires immense strength and dexterity. This is why I teach yoga exercises to my students so they maintain flexibility and core strength.  Also as music students, we process a lot of information so being sharp in our minds is just as important. We practice meditation and breathing techniques so that we feel calm and prepared for the class. There is a huge amount of research to show the correlation between arts participation and its positive impact on wellbeing.  I will need to do a separate blog post just on this subject alone!

The rate at which I have seen tabla student’s progress has been wonderful. The positive attitude and love they show towards their learning is really encouraging. The yoga techniques they learn are not only applicable to music but to their everyday lives. Many of the students I teach are young, so it knocks off a few years of my age as well! Some of the students have already had the experience of performing and accompanying instrumentalists which is a testament to their hard work and encouragement by the wonderful parents. I am looking forward to seeing them further develop and most importantly be good role models. We have a spring retreat in April which will be fairly intense, so the current students will get the chance to ‘turbo’ their development. However we will be having lots of fun as well. I’m hoping the weather is great, so that we can do yoga outside and of course play football in the park!  

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all the supporters of Yo-Tabla! It is going from strength to strength only because of the positive energy that students, parents, music teachers and admirers have shown towards it.

Here is a small video of our Yo-Tabla classes.



God Bless.